About Three Creeks Farm

Three Creeks Farm (which turned 110 yrs old in 2019) was originally part of a large land tract, granted to the Bourne Family in 1765 by King George lll.

The original Bourne family, William and Rosamond were one of 7 families that were granted land in order to settle this area of SW Virginia.

The Bourne family thrived over the years in areas of livestock, iron ore milling and politics.  William Bourne is one of the founders (along with William Grayson) of Grayson County.   The family also held all of the original courthouse proceedings for the new county in their family barn for one year until the courthouse in Independence was built in 1908.  (the original farmstead and barn are located 2 miles from the Bourne house on Hines Branch road…which descendants built later)

The Bourne property (now named Three Creeks Farm) was constructed in 1909 and is in the history books, as the first residential dwelling in Grayson County to be built on a concrete foundation, as the courthouse in Independence is…due to the family involvement in its construction.

The last Bourne residents remained in the homestead until around 2010, Phipps and Geneiva Bourne.   Phipps Bourne became a local legend as a famous blacksmith and talented carver, among other things.

Most of the original structures still exist on the property, including a 3800 sf farmhouse.  Renovated once in the 1930s and then again in 1980 to include for the first time and indoor bathroom and kitchen.

 The original 2000 sf Dutch style barn has been upgraded to provide a beautiful event venue location tucked into a private expansive Blue Ridge mountain oasis.  The farmhouse and a couple of the original outbuildings under renovation to provide wedding party access and lodging for all who come to experience this amazing property.